But if we did, we’d have the power to decide who wins this election.

We’d have the power to hold our government to account.

To make politicians address the fact that 50% of black youths are unemployed.

We can drive for more Minority Ethnic teachers and university professors.

We can get them to invest money in to the UK’s poorest communities.

Our vote will stop the police seeing every young black male as a potential criminal.

And most important of all, our vote can fight back against the rise of post-Brexit hate crime.

Our vote is a powerful thing. We can shape the future of our country.

But last election we wasted 1.4 million votes.

It’s time to change that. Use your power.
Vote on 8 June.

The facts.

Of the nation’s 10 most marginal seats, 7 have a significant Black and Minority Ethnic population.

The UK Minority Ethnic vote could decide over 70 seats. Theresa May has a majority of just 12.